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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Tracy Rigdon

I am a dedicated consultive sales/marketing expert with in-depth knowledge of client relationship management and leveraging sales techniques in order to grow market share. I possess the ability to clearly relate complex solutions to clients. My leadership skills enable me to turn around non-performing teams into profitable units generating new business. I am now seeking the opportunity to utilize my experience for your firm.

I am confident in my ability to make an immediate and long-term contribution to your Company and would welcome an opportunity to meet with you to discuss my qualifications and candidacy in further detail.

Corporate Identity and Branding

My goal is perfectly clear; to help marketing oriented leaders and professionals build strong brands. I believe that there are five key elements to a good Branding Strategy; brand awareness, accessibility, value, relevant differentiation and emotional connection.

Branding Strategy Insider:

  • Strong brands make promises to their target customers. Those promises are unique, compelling and believable. Further, strong brands consistently deliver on the promises that they make at each point of customer contact.
  • Strong brand promises require target customer insight that is gained primarily through comprehensive market research.
  • Stakeholder alignment is critical to the success of any brand strategy project.
  • Organizations must understand what their brands stand for and what makes them unique and compelling to their target audiences. That is why we believe in comprehensive internal training.


Corporate, or Personal Identity is the combination of a company’s logo, including the logo visual and fonts used, or typestyle, and the tagline or definition statement used with your logo that communicates a three or four word message about what you do or how you do it.


Your corporate identity is not your brand. A brand is the idea behind a company’s identity, the impression people have of you. A brand is what you stand for, believe in, behave like, and how you are perceived by those that conduct business with you or otherwise experience interaction with you. It’s the collective sum of who you are as an organization, and it takes TIME to build.

Social Footprint

“Despite what you might think, whatever you post online, whether motivated through an emotionally charged moment of happiness, excitement, or anger, or in an attempt at leveraging social media to increase your company’s conversions, people take what you post as a real opinion.” Social Media Today. (’nuff said!)

I develop a solid Social Media Footprint at the very beginning of a marketing strategy. It starts with the development of professional accounts all relevant social platforms. I then develop a Blog strategy with creative copy for content marketing. I design and deploy Viral Social Marketing Campaigns. This also takes time to build.

Create Balance

Tracy Talking with homeless Vets in Hemming Park
Tracy Talking with homeless Vets in Hemming Park

I believe that creating a happier, healthier lifestyle is to eliminate the 9 to 5 work-cycle. By giving yourself the flexibility to do business at all hours of the day or night, you are actually better able to enjoy both your work and your family even more.

Creating balance in my work leads to a more satisfying customer experience. Here are some of the things I do to create balance and provide the best possible service to my clients.

“The fact is, if we want to get our lives balanced with our work, we need to incorporate daily habits that will force us to balance. It’s little things that really matter…”

“Don’t screw around at work. They call it work for a reason, right? No Facebook, no Twitter, none of that junk. Just focus on work.” Guy Kawasaki.

I encourage my clients to foster an attitude of gratitude. Great companies begin with great employees. Balance includes work, play, family, volunteerism, etc… these things should trickle down from the top of the ladder.

Marketing Balance

I connect you with your clients, customers and members through a Balanced approach leveraging email, web presence, text, social channels and offline strategies. I offer digital marketing strategy, planning, project management, implementation, campaign automation and multichannel campaign execution.

  • Solid Web development: I believe in developing a homepage that makes your brand look great and help cultivate support from shareholders and prospective customers and develops loyal brand ambassadors.
  • ROI Isn’t Always EVERYTHING: Building a brand takes time and patience.
  • Social Media, Social Media, Social Media: If you’re not leveraging your Social Footprint, you’re not in the game.
  • Home Page-Landing Page: The balance  here should include multiple dedicated landing pages that help you to convert better and ensure relevancy with a targeted component of your customer base. Create this strategy with care.
  • Cool Brands are just the beginning: You need to launch with a great logo, a well-conceived company or brand name, eye-catching colors, the right fonts/type style, and so forth. You’ll also need these items to be taken seriously and to convey a professional attitude and image.

I would also recommend “both brain” thinking when building a marketing campaign or strategy. Promote both creative and analytic solutions (right brain and left brain). Both-brain collaboration requires investment and effort, but the payoff will be marketing that is both inspiring and effective.

All About Certifications

Why is Obtaining Certifications in Sales and Marketing so important?

Whether you’re prospecting or are in Sales or Marketing, showing your clients relevant certifications will improve your overall conversion rates.

Having Certifications immediately positions you as an expert over competition without any certifications.

Some of my Certifications

  • The Inbound Certification is a comprehensive marketing course that covers the core elements of the Inbound Methodology.
  • Inbound Sales Certification includes the Inbound Sales Methodology.From identifying potential buyers, to developing outreach strategies, to building personalized presentations, this certification covers the basics of what inbound sales is all about.
  • HubSpot’s Email Marketing Certification includes nine classes that introduce you to using email marketing as a sustainable channel to close leads and delight customers;  lifecycle marketing, segmentation, email design, deliverability, analytics, and optimization come together to create an email marketing strategy that grows your business.

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I am a Social Marketing Professional with a passion for technology. I have experience in developing Brand awareness for clients on Social Media verticals. I believe that every brand has a story to tell.

I can help clients develop stories that will not only engage, inform, surprise, delight, and impact their audience, but that will also deliver on measurable business goals. And I am the conduit between brand and consumer.

I possess expert skills in problem resolution, planning, monitoring, reporting, resource management, quality, and risk management as well as serving as a reputable change agent.

Consistently delivering technology integration projects on time and on budget, I have a strong background leading virtual teams with a track record of high client satisfaction.

My leadership style focuses on engaging team members to communicate, dynamically solve problems and deliver the highest quality solutions.

I am confident in my ability to make an immediate and long-term contribution to your Company and would welcome an opportunity to meet with you to discuss my qualifications and candidacy in further detail.

Does your company need a shot in the arm?

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My Professional Summary

Experienced in Social Media, and program development. Developed, managed and executed digital media and marketing strategies within project timelines. Implemented social media SEO tactics aligned with keyword and SEO strategies.

Ain’t Nothin’ But a Thing

I’ve driven vehicles in Africa, Haiti and Central America, which pretty much makes me an expert at Crisis Management!